Bandeja Paisa
Grilled top sirloin with rice, crackling,
fried egg, beans, Colombian sausage,
corn cake, avocado and sweet
Carne asada, arroz, frijol,
chicharron, aguacate, huevo,
arepa, chorizo y maduro

Top round sauteed steak with onions,
peppers and tomatoes served with a
side of rice, fried egg, french fries and

Sobrebarriga a la Criolla
Flank steak in home made sauce with
rice, beans, potato, yuca and sweet plantain.

Bistree a Caballo
Top sirloin cooked in our home made
creole sauce with yuca and red potato
then served with rice, friend eggs, and

Lomito Saltado
Slices of top round steak sauteed in a
home made sauce with peppers, tossed
with fires and served with rice and

Carne Asada
Grilled top round steak, rice, benas,
and sweet plaintain.

Picada "La Colonia"
"La Colonia" Picada: Grilled beef, pork
loin, colombian sausage, crackling, fried
green plantain, sweet plantain and red potato.
Carne asada, lomo de cerdo,
colombian sausage, cicharron,
tostones, maduro y papa roja.

Seco de Carne
Beef stew with rice, salad and fried sweet plantain

T-Bone Steak (12oz)
Grilled T-Bone steak: rice, beans
and sweet plantain

Tilapia Apanada
Breaded fish with rice, beans and french fries

Arroz Marinero
Yellow fried rice mixed with
green and red peppers, green peas,
carrots, shrimp, calamari, fish,
mussels, snow crab claws.

Trucha Frita
Pan fried rainbow trout served
with rice, beans and french fries.

Encocado de Pescado
Cod fish cooked in a coconut
broth and served with rice, avocado
and sweet plantain

Ceviche de Camaron
Ecuadorain Style Shrimp Ceviche

Ecuadorian style tuna soup with red
onions, diced tomatoes and yuca,
served with a side of rice

Pollo Rostizado
1/4 Chicken, rice, beans, salad, and
Cuarto de pollo con arroz,
frijol, papas fritas,
ensalada y consome

Pechuga de Pollo al Grill
Grilled chicken breast served with
rice, pinto beans, and fried sweet

Seco de Pollo
Chicken stew served with rice and
fried sweet plantain.

Arroz con Pollo
Yellow fried rice with slices of
chicken breast

Plato Vegetariano
Vegetarian Dish: rice, beans,
potato, yuca, fried sweet plantain
and avocado

Asian style fried rice mixed with
chicken, shrimp, eggs, beef, pork,
green peas and carrots.

Seco de Chivo
Goat stew served with rice and fried sweet plantain

Rice served with beef tripe stew,
chicken stew, Beef stew and sweet
Arroz, pollo, res y guatita servido
con maduro $15.25

Cheese Burger (6oz)
Your choice of Cheddar or Swiss
cheese served with french fries. $7.99

Chicken pesto with provolone
cheese and
choice of: Salad or fries $8.25